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A big symposium of drinking healthy water and deliver health were held in Beijing [2015-07-06]


Published Date : July. 06th, 2015

On July 5th , our company sponsored a big symposium in Beijing inside a top government building titled "Drink Healthy Water, Deliver Health" as the launching ceremony of the ongoing water ionizer promotion breitling avenger fake reliable watches.

 The symposium was hosted by HEALTH TIMES, the most influential health daily newspaper in China, and supported by CHINA HEALTH ASSOCIATION, a few reknown medical and healthy water research experts also presented on the symposium. The symposium mainly focused on water pollution at presnet,water protection,safe and healthy water drinking,chronic disease etc.All expertises stated their point of views.




The symposium was held successfully that will open a new era of scientific,safe and health drinking water.This also indicated it is a big progress in drinking water health industry and showed the unity of actual value and health value responding on chronic disease solid replication breitling colt. Replica watches