Technical Questions

1. How does a water ionizer work?

All our ionizers can be connected directly to the cold water line classic rolex day-date ii duplication through your counter top or directly to a diverter valve at the end of your faucet. The first task is to help filter out harmful components of the water: chlorine, trihalomethanes, phenols, sediment, odor, taste, organic waste, and bacteria of all kinds. The water ionizer achieves this by the use of a multistage activated carbon filter. Next, a small electrical charge is introduced into the water through platinum-coated titanium electrodes. The process of electrolysis that follows takes place in a patented chamber designed to separate the water into two streams (acid and alkaline) of ionized water. The acid water makes up about 30% of the water and the alkaline water 70%.

Negatively charged ions gather at the negative electrode to create "reduced water", which concentrates available alkaline minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium from the source water. This clean, healthy, microclustered, alkaline ionized water is drawn for drinking and cooking, through the main stainless steel spout. This water is ideal for drinking and cooking.

Positively charged ions gather at the positive electrode to make oxidized water, which concentrates acid minerals such as nitrates, sulfides, chlorides, and fluorides from the source water. This acid ionized water has a myriad of external uses. It is discharged into the sink when not needed.

A range of pH settings from neutral to very alkaline or very acid is available at the touch of a button. The electrodes are cleaned in an automatic cleaning cycle or manually controlled cleaning at time you want..

2. Just what is the magic in a Water Ionizer?
The `magic` is really a simple process called electrolysis, or ionization, something your body has to do every day to make energy available. It is backed up by the high tech ability of micro-circuitry to maintain quality and regular output, plus the ability, through ionization, to remove harmful chemicals and retain beneficial minerals. This is why Sang Whang, author of "Reverse Aging" calls it REVERSE AGING WATER.

3. What type of water can I use to produce ionized water?
Regular tap water is best. Distilled water or water filtered by reverse osmosis does not have any minerals, therefore it cannot be ionized. Water ionizers can be used with most well water. The two most common problems found in well water are hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg, sulfur smell) and high iron or calcium content. Both of these conditions can be remedied with the proper pre-filter (contact us). The mineral content of your source water directly affects the strength of ionized water you can produce. The more minerals, the stronger the ionization: higher alkalinity and higher antioxidant potential. Very high calcium levels in the water can cause scale build up.

4. What advantages does ionized water have over reverse osmosis or distillation?
Unlike Reverse Osmosis (RO) and distillation, which remove all minerals - leaving the water dead and acidic - ionized water concentrates health giving alkaline minerals like magnesium and calcium, after removing harmful contaminants. Water from RO and distillation is very acid (pH 4.5-6.5) and so contributes to the over acidity of our bodies. Alkaline water helps counteract acid / alkaline imbalance.rolex replica Because RO and Distilled waters are mineral deficient and strongly acid, there are warnings from a number of physicians not to drink them on a sustained basis.

While RO and distilled waters are strongly oxidizing, alkaline ionized water is a proven powerful antioxidant, equivalent to fresh squeezed orange juice (without the sugar).

Having been completely demineralized, RO and distilled water and most bottled water are understandably flat tasting. The taste of water from water ionizers is one of its most immediate qualities: it brings delighted responses from everyone! Along with this go superior hydrating qualities due to the ionization. This ionization is also what happens in nature when water is allowed to bounce over rocks and waterfalls.

Finally, let`s compare the ongoing costs: In home RO water is approximately 20% more expensive than ionized water. In home distillation is 700 - 1000% more expensive than ionized water. Bottled water is more expensive than RO or distilled water.

5. Why does the water ionizer filter leave some minerals in and replication breguet fantastic watches not others?
The filter (depending on model) is a silver activated antibacterial charcoal filter. It filters up to 0.01 microns and is efficient at removing solid particles. However it does not filter out the essential alkalizing minerals that are in solution.

These essential alkalizing minerals remain present in water that passes through a water ionizer in a natural bio-available dissolved form.

6. Is the Ionizing Water Filter just another new, unproved fad?
The Water Ionizers have been in use worldwide for more than 45 years. The same concept has been used for home and industrial applications. In Korea, it has been approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Millions are already in use in Japan. In the USA large companies such as Costco are now beginning to use commercial alkaline water ionizers for bottling water.

7. So what if water is easier to absorb?
With the increased solubility of the water, it is more readily absorbed into your body. Your skin and hair becomes significantly softer. In addition, it can enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals into your body. It also may help clear up some digestive problems.

8. What are the various levels of alkalinity and acidity (pH) for?
water ionizers provide, at the push of a button, water that varies from mildly alkaline to highly alkaline. This enables you to accustom yourself gradually to higher levels of alkaline drinking water (e.g. pH9.5 to 10). You should start slowly at the lowest alkaline setting and work your way up o to higher levels and amounts. If you experience any discomfort from detoxification, just move back to the previous level or smaller quantities. It also allows different members of the family to dial up their preferred level. The highest levels of alkalinity are also used for cooking.

In addition there is a button for water that is `purified only` - filtered but not ionized. Its pH level will be close to the level of your regular tap water. This water is for those taking medications which should not be combined with alkaline water.

As for the various levels of acid ionized water, you will probably use the most acid level for the long list of uses for acid water.

Remember: the pH level of ionized water will vary with the pH of your source, i.e. your tap water. In addition, if you wish to make the water more alkaline or more acid, simply slow down the flow of water, and the pH level will change by approximately a value of 1. A simple to use free pH test kit is provided free with every water ionizer, if you wish to occasionally check pH levels for yourself.

9. Do I need a plumber to install my water ionizer?
No. They come with a diverter kit that fits all standard kitchen faucets, and installs easily in minutes. Many of our models also have the option of connecting directly to the water mains. For this you may need a plumber, if you don`t have simple plumbing skills.

10. Can it go under my bench?
No, it is not designed to be installed under the sink.

11. How do I get my ordinary tap water once it`s attached?
The diverter has a lever which swaps your water flow from tap water outlet to alkaline water outlet. It has an incorporated aerator for your tap water.

12. How do I know when the filter needs replacing?
Depends on model you have, the unit either has a indicator reminding to replace the filter or the LCD screen will show the remaining filter life.
A family of four on a typical North American water supply will use a filter about every 8~10 months. By changing your filter at regular intervals, you are assured of the inner hygiene of the filter.

13. What is the cost of the replacement filter?
$  for the regular .1M Biostone filter and $  for the .01M UltraBiostone filter

14. How do I change the filter?
Open the back, grab the filter, press down a little, and pull it out. After installing new filter, run the system for a few minutes to clear away any loose charcoal.

15. Can I store the water? For how long?
Yes, alkaline ionized water is best kept in an airtight glass or quality plastic container. It can be refrigerated or kept in a cool place. Avoid storage in metal, especially aluminum containers. The alkaline properties can be retained for up to 1-2 weeks, but alkaline water is always strongest when fresh (on a day-by-day basis). The antioxidant properties start to diminish after 18-24 hours. So for the best benefits, drink it within a day or so. If using plastic please check to see that the plastic container used is good quality. Bottled water is usually stored in cheap plastic that leaches chemicals.

Factors that affect how long the pH and -ORP will be maintained are heat, movement, type of container and light. Because of this there are no set numbers.

If water is stored in a cold dark place in a glass container then that is the best.

16. Can I cook with alkaline ionized water?
Yes, in fact your food will taste better and your body will assimilate the nutrients more readily. You will notice the difference especially at the most alkaline settings (higher pH): your greens will be greener, rice fluffier, tea and coffee tastier.

17. What can I use the acid water for?
Acid ionized water is destructive to bacteria and is astringent. As a result it has found widespread application commercially in: nurseries, surgeries, food preparation areas, sprout and wheatgrass growers, florists, hospitals, etc. In the home it is an excellent cleansing and sterilizing agent, with uses in the kitchen, for hair and skin care, extending the life of flowers, promoting plant growth and many others.

The acid water is a `free` bonus. It is excellent for all manner of skin complaint. We use it as an astringent face wash last thing at night, we fill the fountain with it and at last the fountain doesn`t go green in 3 days, it`s excellent for acne, sores, bench top and more. Hardly a week passes without a call from a client who has found a new use for it.

We collect it in the sink and after rinsing our dishes we dip them into the acid water to sterilize them before putting them away. We also put it onto our house plants because it closely resembles rainwater.

18. Why does the ionizer `split` the water into acid and alkaline?

The `splitting` of the inlet H2O is the proof that the Ionizer does what it says it does. The process of splitting causes the following:

a. Approximately 70% of the H20 input is molecularly rearranged into OH- rich, or alkaline, negatively charged water.

b. Approximately 30% of the input H2O is molecularly rearranged into H+
, or positively charged acidic water.

Some companies sell units that just use magnets or magnetic rock to affect the water. Products that claim the benefits of water ionizers but do not electronically split the water will not hold the negative charge long enough for it to be of any real value, or will not be able to exert enough magnetic power to cause the water to become negatively charged. The water will reunite very quickly back into ordinary H2O.

19. Is it necessary to test my water or body to determine what the PH currently is so I adjust the machine appropriately?
No - we are almost all too acidic due to poor food, environmental pollutants, lack of gentle exercise and stress.

Even if not too acidic, our bodies will continue to benefit from alkaline foods and water. When beginning to use alkaline water start at a low (gentle) alkaline setting. This water really does work and change lives and as a result for first few days there may be symptoms of detox such as mild headache, mental confusion and diarrhea. Once these symptoms past then it is fine to go up to a level that feels comfortable.

Ionizer performance varies with the mineral content of the source water. We include a free pH reagent kit with each unit so you can test the output water at the various settings. Please note that diet, stress and environmental factors all have a significant effect on our body pH.

20. Is it necessary to test the water to determine which contaminants are before I buy a machine?
Not necessary unless you have untested well water or water from a private source. The filter in an ionizer does an excellent job of removing what is not wanted while allowing the essential alkalizing minerals in solution to pass through. You can also look at your water report online if using city water. If there is an unusually high concentration of any pollutant we carry all types of pre-filters.

21. Is there a cost for such tests? Is it necessary to periodically test the water?
To test water there is a cost - for pricing ask your local water authority for a company that tests water and go from there.  If you are using well water that has not been tested it is recommended that tests be done for organisms, nitrates, nitrites, TDS, pH, hardness and any other known local issues.

22. What is ORP?
ORP is "Oxidation Reduction Potential".

Potential energy is energy that is stored and ready to be put to work. It`s not actually working, but we know that the energy is there and we can measure it. Another word for potential might be pressure. Blow up a balloon, and there is air pressure inside. As long as we keep the end tightly closed, the pressure remains as potential energy (when released it becomes kinetic energy). In electrical terms, potential energy can be measured. When we use the term "potential" in describing ORP, we are actually talking about electrical potential or the stored electrical tendency as expressed in voltage. In the case of ORP, this energy is measured in millivolts with an ORP meter. We are reading the very slight voltage in water which is actually measuring the presence of oxidizing and reducing agents, thus Oxidation Reduction "Potential". High pH water has more "reducing" agents (-ORP) and low pH water has more oxidizing agents (+ORP).

Normal tap water in the USA exits the tap at +200 to +600mv. Ionized water demonstrates the most health benefits with an ORP of -250mv or lower.orologi replica This is what produces the "antioxidant" effect in the water through the creation of OH- or the negative hydroxyl ion.

A good -ORP acts as a natural antioxidant and can more easily penetrate to the cellular level to heal the body by removing acid toxins. When water becomes stagnant by staying in dams, pipes and bottles the ORP becomes very positive. When water bounces over rocks or a waterfall the ORP becomes negative. The ORP of mineral rich water from where the Hunza people live (for example) is very negative.

23. Can you use this machine in an RV, on a boat or in a cabin where there is no AC power?
Yes as long as there is a reliable source of 110V DV power and delicate reproduction breitling premier a transformer.