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Ionizer Questions

1. Do you sell both residential and commercial water ionizers?

2. What is so different about Water Ionizers?

Water ionizers are far, far more than just a filter.

Initially, the filter inside the ionizer functions effectively using silver activated granulated carbon to purify the incoming water, just like 99% of household filter systems. What separates it from ordinary water purifiers are 3 important additional benefits. These benefits are what makes your water clean novel breguet imitation AND healthy.

Benefit One:

The filter in the your water ionizer while taking out what is not wanted allows the essential alkalizing minerals to pass through. These essential alkalizing minerals include calcium for the bones and magnesium for the heart.

Typical water companies use Reverse Osmosis to take out all that is bad AND good then use ozone to get rid of the taste and smell. By doing this the water becomes very acidic and difficult for the body to absorb.

Benefit Two:

The water in a water ionizer is (not surprisingly) ionized. Water that comes from dams, pipes and bottles is "dead" and stagnant water. This can be measured by an ORP (oxidationReduction Potential) meter. For water to be healthy and easy to be absorbed and utilized by your body it needs to carry a strong negative charge. This happens in nature when water bounces over rocks or moves in rivers and streams and is recreated by science in a water ionizer.

Benefit Three:

The water in a water ionizer is split into two streams - an acid and an alkaline stream. We use the alkaline water for drinking and cooking. The acid water is a "free" bonus and can be used for sterilization, skin, and plants. Poor quality food, unclean air, stress and lack of rest and gentle exercise all increase the acid levels in our bodies leading to a gradual breakdown in our physical condition.

3. Why did it take so long to introduce water ionizers to the West?
Unfortunately the West is still very biased against Asian research. Although Japan translates over 90% of Western scientific papers, the West only translates 10% of Japanese scientific papers. If they had bothered, they would have unearthed an amazing phenomena; a million water alkalizers sold in Japan every year

4. How do I get support before, during, or after purchase?
Call us Toll Free at or email. We`re happy to help you.

5. Why are ionizers expensive?
Frankly, they are not. When compared with other units on the market, we have to say that our water ionizers are exceedingly good value. Further, compared to bottled water solutions, it is both economical and environmentally preferable.

We are happy to forward you a comparison feature-by-feature to demonstrate that you get the same or more than you do with higher prices units. Even our lowest priced units use platinum coated titanium electrodes.

6. How soon do you ship products?
In-stock products will ship the same business day if purchased before 2PM Pacific Time. In-stock products purchased after that time or on the weekend will ship the next business day.

7. What maintenance do water ionizers require?
None. All models have auto self-cleaning reverse polarity systems.

8. Are your Water alkalizers electrically approved?
They are. All our models have "CE" approval plus China FDA approval. See our international certificates

9. What warranty do you offer?
All our water ionizers come with a limited one year warranty. The warranty is void if the unit has been tampered with, altered, or subject to improper use.

10. What are some of the harmful organisms and chemicals removed ionizer filters?
Chlorine, trihalomethanes, suspended solids, cryptosporidium, parasite (cysts), waterborne flu virus, organic compounds, heavy metals, e-coli and other bacteria. In addition, the ionization process that follows filtration reduces the amount of acid minerals (such as sulfates) in the alkaline water. It also has the effect of greatly reducing fluoride concentration.

11. Does the unit come with a manual?

All units come with a user manual that contains instructions for installation.

12. Does the manual include detailed information about the PH balance and how the machine helps the water to become PH balanced?
For more information on how to achieve a pH balance we recommend buying one of several books we recommend such as "Reverse Aging", "Alkalize or Die" and "The pH Miracle series". 

13. How long will a filter typically last for one person, or a family of 10, using the machine?
One filter produces about 1600 gallons (or about 6,000 liters) of water. We estimate for an average family of four with average daily consumption using treated water, a filter will last about 8 to 10 months.
14. Is the machine heavy? Fragile?
Not heavy (about 9lbs). If looked after will last up to 20 years but not meant to be dropped or turned on side when in use.

15. Is there a built in surge protector? Is a surge protector necessary?
No need for surge protector as they have in-built fuse. A surge protector may give added safety although we are yet to have one returned from a surge problem.

16. How long are the hoses that are included with the machine? Can I purchase extra long hoses if needed for my setup?
Extra hose available - more than enough included (about 6 feet).

17. Do I need a special nozzle to attach it to the sink?
Your water ionizer comes with an adapter kit which will fit most traditional outlets but will not fit some of the designer taps which have pull out handles with a flexible hose. Give us a call and have a talk about your requirements before ordering.

It is actually simpler than most water ionizers and knock-off rolex lady-datejust pretty watches far simpler than a VCR! You attach the sturdy diverter valve to your faucet, attach the supplied hose to the diverter, and the other end to the inlet valve. Another hose attaches to the ionizer to allow the astringent (acid) water out of the Filter.

18. How do I get my ordinary tap water, once the ionizer is attached to the tap?
By the flick of a lever on the diverter.

19. Is it easy to install, even for a mechanically challenged person? Are the instillation instructions designed for the same mechanically challenged person?
Yes - we successfully sell many units to older people and those with little practical ability. If a problem arises service is a call away. Also please view the videos available for free on the web before you purchase to see just how easy it is.